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How Many Types of Bearded Dragons Are There?

A list of known species of bearded dragons. Their scientific and common name and a brief description their origin is also summarized.

Bearded Dragon Food And Diet

Natural Diet – In the wild bearded dragons are what’s called opportunistic omnivores. Their diet will consist of what’s available in their area at that time. If there in an area where there’s a lot of vegetation, then they will eat all of the fruits and vegetables they can. If there in an area where there are a lot of insects, then they will feast on all of the insects.

What Is The Best Temperature For Bearded Dragons?

The importance of heat and light in the upkeep, care and breeding of bearded dragons. What is the best temperature for bearded dragons in captivity?

The Many Kinds of Bearded Dragons: Examining Morphs

There are hundreds of different kinds of bearded dragons available today. Through morphing, there are several different color and scale options to choose from. But are these morphs good for the species?

German Giant Bearded Dragons History Explained

German Giant bearded dragons are highly sought after due to their size, hardiness, and uniqueness. However, it is believed that authentic, or “true” Giants have been bred out of existence.

Secret Tips and Tricks in Breeding Bearded Dragons

How can you prepare your bearded dragons for breeding? What are the hatching requirements for producing healthy and happy baby dragons?

Types of Bearded Dragons: The Pogona Vitticeps

There are many types of bearded dragons found withing today’s pet trade, but the Pogona vitticeps remains the most common. This is due to prolific breeding while in captivity, along with the wide variety of colors and being easy to care for like all species of beardies.

Facts You Must Know In Preventing Bearded Dragon Diseases

A list of common diseases and illness affecting the lizards. How can you identify bearded dragon bone disease and what are the treatment procedures?

The Horsefield Tortoise From Asia

The name of the horsefield tortoise is based on the famous environmentalist called Thomas Horsfield. This tortoise is usually very popular as a pet. The scientific name of a horsefield tortoise is Testudo Horsefieldii.

Preparing Iguana Nests

Building iguana nests and breeding iguanas is fun and profitable. However, you should know that these reptiles can easily increase in number. They grow fast, and that is why you need to have a spacious housing environment prepared for them.

Tips In Selecting Food For Your Bearded Dragons

The selection of food that should be included in your bearded dragon’s diet. How to feed your dragons and what they should not eat.

Some Points to Remember While Building a Tortoise House

A tortoise house is a very important necessity in the life of a tortoise. Since tortoises are used to living in the wild, it is necessary for you to take special care of providing them with proper accommodations. However, it is also important that you change and replace their accommodations as per their requirements.

Tortoise Facts About the Life of a Tortoise

Most people are interested in reading about tortoise facts that deal with the various aspects of the life of this animal. Though several facts have been discovered, there are a lot that are still unknown. These facts will amaze you when you know more about them.

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