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Iguana Food

The overall health of an iguana will be the responsibility of its owner, so it must be fed the right type of food. Plants are the favorite food of green iguanas, so people should never give them foods that are rich in proteins like cat food and dog food. Even food eaten by people should never be considered.

Ball Python: The Mystery and the Art

Reptile collectors today are not satisfied purchasing a snake, placing it into a fish tank with a screen lid, and a heater. They see their reptiles as an investment and want to display them, as they would a Picasso painting. We still see the usual buyers of reptiles within the pet industry but there is a definite increasing percentage of individuals who are purchasing the higher end or more expensive morphs in order to create their personal artistic statement in there home or office.

What You Need to Know About Bearded Dragon Enclosures

Tips in deciding enclosure sizes and the different types available. The importance of interior objects, heat and lighting for keeping and caring for healthy bearded dragons.

How Much Will It Cost To Raise Bearded Dragons

Some insight in to what will it cost to have beardies as pets. The basic items you will need and their approximate cost to give you an idea of the overall expenses.

Is Your Bearded Dragon Sick?

Even while being well-known for their hardiness, there are still plenty of illnesses out there than can make your bearded dragon sick. The problem with determining whether or not to take your lizard to the vet, is that many symptoms are difficult to diagnose.

Bearded Dragon Diets – Three Important Things To Remember

What is the best diet for a bearded dragon? If this is your question, this article is for you. One of the most vital parts of giving proper care to a bearded dragon is ensuring that it is getting enough nourishment through proper diet. Here are some of the tips that you can consider to make sure that your beardie is eating the right foods that will make them healthy:

Leopard Gecko Substrates

Substrate is a significant concern, as well, and a point of great contention in the leopard gecko community. Some substrates are considered to be safer than others, while some are downright dangerous. There are a few that people have varying viewpoints on, such as sand.

Baby Bearded Dragon Basics!

Bearded dragons are rapidly gaining popularity as house pets. Because of their unusual appearance and friendliness, baby beardies are a great pet for all ages. There are a few differences in taking care of babies and adults and I’m going to talk about them here.

Pogona Henrylawsoni: The Struggle Behind Naming a Dragon

The Pogona henrylawsoni is a close cousin to the more popular bearded dragon(P. vitticeps), and is native to Queensland and Northern Territory regions of Australia. Although this species is much smaller than the bearded dragon, it’s discovery has led to some of the biggest controversy over it’s namesake.

Introduction To Bearded Dragons

Why to keep bearded dragons as pets and the different breeds kept by pet hobbyists. All the facts about bearded dragons detailing their features, origin and behavior.

Facts About Bearded Dragons

There are several breeds of the genus Pogona and Bearded Dragon is a general term describing all of these species. Most commonly when pet enthusiasts use this term they refer to Pogona vitticeps which is called the Inland or Central bearded dragon. These species are the most popular out of all reptiles kept by pet owners.

Turtle Tubs: The Changing World of Reptile Tanks and Habitat

Reptile care and habitats are increasingly becoming easier to deal with. This article discusses some new products that have entered the market that can help keep your reptile happy and the pet area clean. Whether you have an iguana, snake, or turtle, there is something that might work in your reptile cage.

Mating Bearded Dragons: Building A Homemade Incubator

When mating bearded dragons you will need an incubator to successfully hatch your eggs. There are many commercial incubators available to purchase, but making your own may prove to be much cheaper in the end.

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