The Use Of A Turtle Guide Book

When taking care of turtles as pets, it will be useful to have a turtle guide book. It is a great source of information regarding many concerns about your pet. It contains what you need to do or have when you are looking after them.

Bearded Dragon Health: How to Remedy Impaction

Impaction is a serious risk to any bearded dragon health. Having the knowledge to prevent this problem is one thing, but knowing what to do when impaction occurs is just as valuable.

Bearded Dragon Health: The Causes of Impaction

Impaction is a serious risk to bearded dragon health. However, this problem can be avoided with the proper knowledge and care tips. Don’t let your pet suffer simply because you didn’t do your research.

Cage for Iguana: Finding the Perfect One

You should never allow your iguana to just roam around your home without supervision. Accidents can happen; the iguana could end up spreading salmonella bacteria around the home and it can ruin your carpet and furniture.

Keeping a Chameleon As a Pet

Chameleons come from a variety of places ranging from rain forest to desert. They are mainly found in Africa and Madagascar with other species being found in Asia and Europe. All chameleon species have similarities.

Worry for Amphibians Because of Climate Change

Global warming and climate change is having an effect on all parts of the ecosystem around the globe. A new study has shown that little animals that are sensitive to their surroundings, particularly temperature, will be put in a lot of danger as the climate changes begin to take effect in the future. The group that is thought to be in the most danger of these changes to the environment are amphibians such as newts, frogs and salamanders. This is because a) they are extremely sensitive to temperature changes and b) they are quite small and so cannot move great distances to escape inhospitable environments.

Bearded Dragon Selective Breeding and Color Varieties

Just like with most selective breeding of reptiles, bearded dragons are sometimes targeted as projects themselves. What happens is if there are some bearded dragons that have some unique traits, say they’re large, they have really bright colors, or whatever the case may be, the end result is new bearded dragons with even more stronger of those listed traits.

Owning a Pet Iguana

Owning a pet iguana can be really fun and interesting. They are not like your typical pet and they are exotic reptiles. Young iguanas…

What’s the Right Iguana Price?

Iguanas are so cheap because most stores pay pennies for them. You’ve got to know what the right iguana price is so that you can make a smart purchase.

Feeding Bearded Dragons: The Importance of Supplements

Feeding bearded dragons requires more than a few vegetables and some crickets. Beardies need a steady dose of vitamin supplements to remain in optimal health conditions.

How to Set Up a Good Environment For Corn Snakes

Corn snakes got their name because they frequent corn sheds to feed on rats and mice in America. They will tolerate a variety of environmental conditions, but it is still important to provide the best living environment such as reptile vivariums which are ideal for keeping your snakes in; they provide a good living environment that will benefit the health and condition of your snake.

Owning an Iguana As a Pet

Most people don’t believe this, but iguanas are actually one of the best pets to have. They are initially affordable and as long as you’ve got the right housing, heating, lighting, feeding and basic…

Quick Guideline to Buying an Iguana Online

You’re probably inquiring on how you could buy an iguana online. Where should you begin? Keep on reading and you’ll find…

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