Top 5 Turtles For Beginner AND Expert Keepers

Reticulated Python Care

Reticulated python, measuring 10-20 feet in length on an average, is the longest snake in the world. It belongs to the python family but is different from the other pythons in its distinctive color pattern.

Big Leopard Gecko – Giant and Godzilla Geckos

Nothing says healthy like a big leopard gecko, right? Well find out how big your giant or godzilla gecko will get, or how large you can expect the one you are buying to get. Just read on!

Anole Lizards: Why They Are The Ideal Entry Level Pet

So what exactly is an anole lizard? Well, you may have heard them called chameleons due to their wondrous ability to change colors. But it’s not just their color changing that makes them an ideal entry level pet…

Leopard Gecko Hide Boxes

Are you looking for a leopard gecko as new pet in your house? Well before you make the purchase learn what you need to know to make sure that your leopard gecko has plenty of places to hide around its enclosure.

Ball Python Genetics 101 – 2

There are many different breeds of ball pythons and snakes in general. Here are a few of the main genetic traits that are amongst the most popular within the realm of snake breeding.

Important Pet Supplies for a Snake

A look at the subject of keeping snakes and the types of pet supplies you may need to keep them healthy and happy. This article specifically highlights the need for a snake cage, the right heating and lighting and also the importance of hides for your pet.

Leopard Gecko Sand – Choosing the Right Substrate

Are you looking for the right cage contents for a leopard gecko? Components like sand can be important to your gecko’s life. So, before you make the purchase of a gecko, make sure you know what needs to be in the cage with your gecko to keep it happy and make it healthy.

Leopard Gecko Problems – Common Gecko Illnesses

Caring for a Leopard Gecko can be tricky. Here are some of the most common leopard gecko problems and how to deal with them.

Bearded Dragons Care 101

A great choice of pet for beginning lizard enthusiasts and reptile hobbyists who are more experienced, bearded dragons do require special care. Pet beardies are docile reptiles that breed well in captivity.

Leopard Geckos Have Three Tails

Are you thinking about a leopard gecko as an addition to your home? Learn about this beautiful creature and the people who breed them here.

Mating Habits of Leopard Geckos – Breeding Leopard Geckos

Breeding Leopard geckos can be a tricky business. Well, here are some of the basics that any good breeder should know.

Treating Your Chameleon for Coccidia

So you have a chameleon and everything is going great. That is until one day you notice that your little friend is not eating as much. There is a chance that he/she has coccidia.

Getting to Know the Albino Leopard Gecko

Leopard Geckos are beautiful reptiles, but albino leopard geckos have their own appeal. Find out more about this interesting creature ahead.

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