Top 5 Reptiles YOU Are Keeping WRONG | Most Neglected Reptiles in 2021

3 Famous Film Reptiles

Reptiles have featured in numerous films over the years, although some are more memorable than others. Crocodiles, alligators, snakes, lizards, and turtles – to name just a few reptiles – seem to often star in comedies, horrors, thrillers and children’s movies.

Gerbil Cages to Choose From

Gerbils are rodents that innately burrow itself in the wild to hide against its predators, usually during daylight. When you see a gerbil, the most common word that people say at first is that they are very cute. Aside from the fact that these gerbils are very adorable, they are also easy to take care, friendly to their owners, sociable and most of all entertaining.

How to Care For a Pet Box Turtle

Box turtles are small terrestrial turtles. Like all turtles, they are a long term commitment as they have a life span that can exceed 50 years.

Leopard Tail Gecko As A Creative Way For Kids To Like Carrots

Introduction to the leopard tail gecko, covering how this is one of the most popular breeds. Reveals insights into how these geckos came to be through cross-breeding. Explores how mutations that would be hazardous in the wild are advantageous in captivity. Yields instructive and actionable information about all the various geckos that might display the carrot tail trait, plus ways to breed for it. Notes considerations to bear in mind when beginning a breeding operation.

Keeping Australian Reptiles

Reptiles (Reptilla) are part of the Animalia (Animals) kingdom and Australia Boasts around 484 recorded species. Although laws vary between states most can be kept as pets in Australia.

Important Information About Big Leopard Geckos

This article goes into detail about big leopard geckos. This animal is very rare because of its extremely large frame.

Picking Out a Healthy Bearded Dragon

Once you have inspected the pet store and the bearded dragon living conditions, the next step would be to watch and inspect the bearded dragons themselves. Check to see if they seem alert and if they act normal like they’re running around eating or basking.

Knowing Albino Leopard Gecko

There are a lot of wondrous species living on this planet and if you think that you’ve seen them all, you are probably wrong for there are still undiscovered places on earth and some of these places might serve as their ground for survival. One of the finest nocturnal geckos is the albino leopard gecko.

Breeding Leopard Geckos: From Novice To Expert

This article goes into detail about the proper advice for breeding leopard geckos. It explains that you need to have money, and be able to manage your time well.

Great Tips For Helping You Prevent Leopard Gecko Problems

This article goes into detail about leopard gecko problems. It explains many different ways that you can prevent these problems.

The Highly Desired Albino Leopard Gecko Mutant

Introduction to the albino leopard gecko, covering how it resulted from deliberate breeding for genetic quirks. Reveals insights into the three most popular strains. Explores the significant differences in albinos, including light sensitivity. Yields instructive and actionable information for distinguishing the subtleties among the strains. Notes the likelihood of additional desirable mutations as demand for these geckos increases.

Pet Turtles for Kids

Though turtles are exotic pets to own, you need to really think twice before introducing them to your kids. Many people wrongly assume that small turtles are safe and harmless. But, they can cause bacterial infections, which could turn out to be quite harmful for kids.

Important Facts About Leopard Geckos

Leopard gecko has become popular because of its unusual characteristics. It has an attractive color pattern that catches up the attention of many pet lovers. If you wanted to have this kind of pet, you have to understand the different guidelines to keep it safe and healthy. Having this kind of pet is just like keeping the other animals. They also need more attention especially that they are very sensitive.

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