Top 5 Reptiles That Make INSANE Sounds, Screams, Chirps and ASMR Reptile Noises

4 Common Bearded Dragon Diseases

Your beardie can survive most bearded dragon diseases if the proper treatment and care is given. The three of the four common beardie diseases highlighted in this article have a high survival rate. The fourth one is a little more difficult to overcome.

Basic Bearded Dragon Care Guide

If you are searching for a fascinatingly beautiful unique pet, why not consider a bearded dragon. They make wonderful pets for certain types of individuals. These pets are relatively inexpensive and do not require intensive care, plus they are fun to interact with.

How to Care for a Bearded Dragon

In the event that you have decided to purchase a Bearded dragon as a pet then I would like to say that you made an excellent decision. Bearded dragons are awesome to keep for a handful of reasons. They don’t get too large, they’re pretty active in the daytime and they are very docile.

Pet Snakes – General Information

Our scaly, legless friends are possibly the most unfairly treated, and most pathologically hated animals on our planet. Out of the 2,200-plus kinds of reptiles that exist, only twenty are poisonous.

Tadpole to a Frog – Fascinating Metamorphoses!

When a frog egg hatches, it starts the beginning of the journey of a tadpole into a frog. Unlike most other animals, frogs start off as tadpoles and then evolve into frogs later on in life. Tadpoles are small creatures which swim in the water and look a little like tiny fish.

Salamander Care – How to Care for Your Pet

If you want to keep a salamander at home, then read this article below. This article contains some of the salamander care tips to keep your pets healthy all the time.

Reptile Lighting: What Is Necessary?

Reptiles and amphibians are fast becoming the largest groups of non dog and cat pets in the United States. We are often asked about lighting for these pets and it seems that many people really do not know what the lighting needs are for their pets. With the proper lighting your pet reptile can live a long healthy life and provide you with many years of enjoyment.

Leopard Gecko Tail Loss Problems

Like or not, leopard gecko tail loss problems are a reality that any keeper or breeder has to face. Losing a tail is not only aesthetically damaging, it can be hazardous to your lizard’s health as well. So to keep your lizard tail concerns at bay, here are some tips and practices that can keep your lizard safe.

Leopard Gecko Digging: What Does It Mean?

Is your leopard gecko digging non-stop? This can start to trouble you and you should know that this may mean something is not right in their little world. To learn more about this leo activity, read on.

Iguanas Need Light and Heat – Are You Prepared?

When you decide to get an Iguana pet you’ve probably surfed the internet in search of information about the way you should take care of such an exotic pet. If you read enough reliable information about the Iguana care, you understood that this species needs a source of light and heat in its terrarium.

Interesting Facts About the Hawksbill Tortoise

Sea Turtles are a joy to see when you are fortunate enough to spend time among them in the ocean. The Hawksbill turtle is one of several that you are likely to encounter and are usually found in the waters of Thailand, Fiji and Malaysia.

Facts on Leopard Gecko Reproduction

Leopard gecko reproduction is an important and rewarding part of any leo keepers experience. Not only will you get new leos, you’ll also be able to produce more morphs through selective breeding. Learning how to reproduce known morphs can become quite lucrative for any breeder and keeper. So let’s learn more about this interesting subject.

Stopping Leopard Gecko Fighting

Are your beloved pets fighting all the time? Leopard gecko fighting is a real problem that has to be addressed. If your pets get to rough, they might injure themselves or the other leos. Left on their own, they can even get so violent that one of the lizards may die! Don’t let this happen to you and put an end to the fighting with these tips.

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