Bearded Dragon Vivarium: Are You Confused About Setting Up a Bearded Dragon Tank?

Are you challenged with the daunting task of setting up a Bearded Dragon Tank? It can be struggle to set up bearded dragon vivarium for newbies. It can be done easily with the proper guidance and information.

Salamander Care Tips for Your Pet’s Ultimate Condition

Salamanders are very fragile pets. They need the right habitat and nutrition to live well under captivity. If you want to own a pet salamander, but don’t know well about them, then read this article about salamander care tips. I will give you top three tips about caring for your salamander.

Salamander Facts: What You Need to Know About Them

Salamanders are very interesting creatures. Several people are already getting them as pets. If you want to get one for yourself, then make sure that you read this article so you can learn more about them.

Corn Snakes – Why Corn Snakes Are the Easiest Pet to Care For

Once you set up the tank, all that is required is feeding one mouse/rat per week. Also, you need to change the water and clean the tank about once a week, but sometimes more.

The Very Rare, and Much Sought After, Red Leopard Gecko

Many leopard gecko enthusiasts have expressed a desire to posses a red leopard gecko. While there are no completely red varieties currently available, there are red striped and orange striped varieties. There are also some lizards that have red eyes which might be a satisfying compromise for some collectors.

The Hunt for the Red Leopard Gecko

The red leopard gecko is one of the sought after lizards today. It certainly is a fascinating color but there is still an ongoing hunt for a truly red or fully red colored lizard. However, there are certain morphs that have come close or have been associated with the ruby color. Here’s some more information about these herpatiles.

Leopard Gecko Sand Advice

Do you intend to use leopard gecko sand substrate for your habitats? You’ll have to know that sand, though popular, can sometimes cause complications. To help you know more about sand and help you with possible solutions in case you run into trouble, here’s some advice on using this substrate material.

Giants and Super Giants: The Big Leopard Geckos

Have you seen a big leopard gecko? There are morphs out there that are specifically bred to be huge! These are called the giants and the super giants among keepers, enthusiasts, and breeders. So, let’s learn more about these massive designer lizards!

Tips On Leopard Gecko Hides

Want to know more about the leopard gecko hides that your pets need? The nocturnal creatures need hideaways to remain hidden when they’re instincts tell them to. Without these hideouts, your pet can start to become stressed. So to help you out with these basic building blocks of the lizard habitat, here are some tips on these helpful hideaways.

4 Major Bearded Dragon Health Issues To Avoid

This article provides information about a number of bearded dragon diseases, infections and other health problems. It includes details such as symptoms and treatments for Metabolic Bone Disease, Respiratory Infections, Yellow Fungus and Mouth Rot.

An Outline on Understanding Bearded Dragon Mating Behavior

This article provides information about the types of behaviors you’ll observe during the mating season and how to interpret them. It includes details on aggression, submission and defensive behaviors as well as head bobbing, arm waving and the famous inflating of the ‘beard’.

7 Identifying Bearded Dragon Characteristics

Discover some of the interesting bearded dragon characteristics that make them fun reptiles. You can help your beardie just by understanding why they do the things they do.

Bearded Dragon Breeding Information

Breeding bearded dragons is becoming more and more popular. Find out the reasons and how you can start also. This article details the steps you need to follow.

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