Top 5 EASIEST Reptiles To Breed | But You Probably Shouldn’t…

My Albino Leopard Gecko

Nowadays, the best alternatives for typical home pets are not just birds and dogs but people were already attracted much with the leopard geckos. The variations of these leopard gecko breed were due to the advancement of technology and its modernism. This leads many people to have interest in obtaining different types of leopard gecko mutations as their home pet. On the other hand, these leopard geckos have its major breeds; they are the leucistic, albinos, and the yellow ones.

Leopard Gecko Illness

Although geckos are basically amazingly clean reptiles, which is actually an important factor that keeps them healthy, it is best if you recognize some common illnesses that might infect your gecko for some reason. Here is the list of infections that may occur to your gecko which include gastroenteritis or diarrhea.

Secret to a Healthy Leopard Gecko? Proper Leopard Gecko Tank Setup

Setting up a tank is the most important step to owning a healthy leopard gecko. Follow these leopard gecko tanks setup instructions to see how it’s done correctly.

Reptile Shows Are A Must

Ever thought about going to a reptile show in your town, and thought it was for store owners only. Well whether you have no exotics or 40 exotics, these shows are for everyone. Read the article to find out how much fun they can be but please heed the advice I give at the end of the article.

Buying a Bearded Dragon? Do This Quick Health Check First

Pet sellers would usually say only the good things about the animals they are selling. You cannot expect them to totally reveal the health condition of the animal particularly the negative things. It is your responsibility as a pet buyer to check the animal before purchasing it. It is very important to ensure that what you are getting is a healthy pet, totally free of any illnesses or disease. For bearded dragons, here are several factors to check to guarantee that a bearded dragon is good and healthy…

3 Reasons to Buy Bearded Dragons for Sale

Bearded dragons are a type of reptile which is very friendly and even licks like a dog! Here are three reasons to buy bearded dragons for sale, which will hopefully give some insight to this incredible, loving reptile!

Bearded Dragon Spotlight – What Is a Bearded Dragon?

Many people don’t know about reptile pets, let alone the amazing bearded dragons. This article will explain a brief background of bearded dragons, including where they originated from, how big can bearded dragons get, what are bearded dragon’s favorite foods, and what is their natural habitat like.

Snow Leopard Gecko – Evolution and Art of Morphing

The Snow leopard gecko is a new morph from the original leopard gecko that we have come to know about. Interestingly, more and more enthusiasts have taken interests and join the move to cultivate other varieties and produce new types. There have been several of these…

The Gopher Snake As a Pet – The Pros & Cons

The gopher snake is the ideal pet for a snake collector especially a beginner. They have great temperament along with being easy to care for & feed. They don’t appear to have any major problems as a pet. If you are thinking of getting a pet snake you won’t go wrong in choosing a gopher snake as your first pet.

The Best Ways to Care for & Feed Your Pet Gopher Snake

Gopher snakes probably have the best temperament of all snakes in this pet class. They are also known as good feeders and don’t need any special housing. They readily eat frozen mice or rats. Because of these good qualities the gopher snake will make a great pet snake especially for a beginner.

Leopard Gecko Hide – What Is The Ideal Set-Up?

Leopard Gecko hide box is by far the most essential tools needed in a lizard’s habitat. Basically because geckos are nocturnal which means that they tend to hide during the day and are in its active mood during the night. It is at night that they go out in the open to look for food.

The New Diablo Blanco Red Leopard Gecko

There is a new breed of geckos known as the Diablo Blanco which is genetically a patternless gecko with a complete red eye. This new red leopard gecko or the Diablo Blanco may or may not be all completely red, some possess only with one or more eyes being 50% of the solid red and the other one acquires the solid red color in both eyes. Actually this new morph called the Diablo Blanco has three eye variations and only two body variants.

Leopard Gecko Feed – How to Do It Properly?

Leopard gecko feed is one of the most challenging parts of caring for this exotic pet animal. Geckos are one of the most docile, intriguing, challenging, and pretty colorful reptiles and feeding them properly will definitely impact on their overall health and appearance. Don’t get intimidated!

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