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Siamese Crocodile: Endangered Species

The Siamese crocodiles, as being defined, are freshwater crocodiles that can be found usually in East Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma, Brunei, Laos and Cambodia. It has a scientific name “Crocodylus siamensis”, Crocodylus which is derived from the Greek word krokodeilos meaning “pebble worm “and siamensis which means “of Siam”. This type of crocodile is considered as an endangered species from many regions nowadays.

Handling Leopard Geckos the Safe Way

Handling leopard geckos can be tricky when you are just starting out. They are not only skittish at times; they can also be very ‘fragile’. To prevent unwanted damage to your beloved pet, here are some handling tips to make sure you and your lizard stay happy companions.

Keeping Desert Leopard Geckos

Among the lizards quickly gaining popularity among keepers and breeders are the desert leopard geckos. These naturally hardy creatures not only make easy pets, they are also known for their wonderful ‘morphability’ and wonderful colors and patterns that result from creative selective breeding. Read on to know more about these wonderful living jewels of the lizard world.

Iguana Diseases – Looking Out For Your Pet Iguana

Unsuitable living conditions and malnutrition can lead to many diseases in Iguanas while living in captivity. The blame should be given to the owners, who are not properly informed about the care and basic living conditions of iguanas, which is there utmost need for thriving and surviving. Metabolic Bone Disease is the most common iguana disease, which is primarily caused due to severe malnutrition.

Anaconda: The Largest Snake

Anaconda is a large South American snake that belongs to the Boa family. They are also known as water boas and are described as a nonvenomous snake. Its name, anaconda, is derived from the Latin word Eunectes which means “good swimmer”.

The Big Leopard Geckos – The Giants

Standard Leopard Geckos are rather small creatures but amongst the these popular pets, there are some rather big leopard geckos that stand out. Of course there are some big ones that might even be considered giants or super giants and these larger varieties are quite popular among enthusiasts throughout the world.

What to Do If Your Leopard Gecko Loses Its Tail

As a new or even a seasoned owner of leopard geckos, you may experience a phenomena which is actually quite common for the leopard gecko yet may be distressing nevertheless. Your pet may lose or “drop” his tail.

What Do Crocodiles Eat?

That is a really good question because they will pretty much eat anything that moves or sparks their interest. Before this question is answered we must first understand what a crocodile is and where they are located in the world.

Helping Unhealthy and Skinny Leopard Geckos

Having problems with unhealthy and skinny leopard geckos? This is a real concern for keepers and breeders. If the lizard starts to lose his or her appetite, he or she can run into real trouble. To help you with such problems, here are some tips and tricks to keep your lizards in good health.

The Orange Leopard Gecko: Tangerine Beauties

Have you seen the orange leopard geckos? They are quite the sight and they will catch the eye of breeders and keepers alike. If you need to know more about these tangerine beauties, here are some basic facts and info on these living jewels.

Where and How to Buy Salamanders

Salamanders make attractive pets at home. Because of that, several people want to buy them from pet stores. If you are not sure where and how to buy salamanders, then read this article to get important tips when buying salamanders.

Facts About Turtles

Turtles are fascinating creatures with a long, rich history. They can make unique and wonderful pets. Anyone that is thinking of having a turtle will find that learning about turtles is an enthralling experience.

Pet Turtles

Turtles are fascinating creatures, and over the years have become a popular choice of pet amongst households, particularly those with kids. The pet turtle craze really took off a couple of decades ago when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise hit our television and theatre screens, after which every kid in the Westernised world wanted their own ‘hero in a half shell’.

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