Roasting THE DARK DENS crested gecko enclosure!?! (NO HOLDING BACK!!) ep. 1

Recreating Iguana Habitats

Iguanas are naturally wild animals. They love living outdoors and they come from various places around the worlds.

How To Breed Crickets

So if you are like me you are getting tired of having to go to the store 2-3 times a week to feed your lizard(s). The cost to feed one or two bearded dragons adds up and adds up fast.

Buying a Bearded Dragon: How Much Does It Cost?

Buying a bearded dragon is a fun and exciting experience. However, many owners will lack the knowledge of proper care and thus not buy everything they need.

Nine Tips Every Bearded Dragon Owner Must Know

The questions most reptile enthusiasts ask and the answers that will help in the proper care of their pet. How big do bearded dragons get is amongst the many questions that most pet owners would like answers to.

Iguana As Pets Information

You’ve always wanted a pet as a child and now it is your chance to make your pick. What do want? Do you want a cat, dog, rabbit, or iguana?

Buying a Pet Iguana From an Iguana Sale

Purchasing a pet iguana through an iguana sale would be very beneficial to your wallet. How do you find iguana sales? There are many different methods in which you can find iguana sales.

Top 3: Types of Lizard Pets

There are several types of lizard pets available in today’s pet trade. Here are my top three choices to keep as pets.

How to Care for Your Terrapins

Terrapins are attractive, interesting pets and will live a long time – sometimes up to 25 years. You will probably buy them as young hatchlings when they will be very small but bear in mind that they will grow up to 12 inches across as an adult under your care. Terrapins can be messy creatures and it is important to wash hands thoroughly after handling them or the tank interior.

How to Care For Your Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons have a wonderful character and make great pets. As babies they demand your attention and will be up to something new every two minutes. When they grow into adults they will love sitting with you just enjoying your company. This type of lizard enjoys human company and likes to be gently petted and made a fuss of.

How to Care for You Leopard Gecko

These cute little lizards are easy to look after and originally come from the Middle East; they are between 8 to 12 inches long and weigh 60 to 100 grams. Babies are about 3 inches long and weigh 3 grams, so they are very tiny. They live on the ground and are nocturnal in habit.

How to Care for Your Tortoise

How to care for your tortoise begins with its housing needs. It is beneficial to keep your tortoise outdoors as these reptiles need fresh air and natural light to be in the best of health. A secure large pen is the best option with a box for the tortoise to shelter from the sun or to retire to at night.

Caring for Corn Snakes

The ideal snake for a beginner is the colourful, docile corn snake which enjoys being handled, is hardy so easier to care for than some of the other species, and grows to between 3 and 5 feet which is an ideal size for a pet. These snakes come in a variety of colours and patterns making them an attractive addition to your household.

How to Breed Corn Snakes

When it comes to reptiles and having them as pets, the corn snake is one of the easiest to breed. No one knows how many are bred in captivity each year but the number is, easily, in the hundreds of thousands. Breeding your pet corn snake will give you the opportunity of seeing babies being born and the surprise of seeing what they look like when they hatch.

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