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Becoming Turtle Breeders

Turtles are fascinating creatures that are sought after by the pet trade worldwide giving turtle breeders ample reason to be interested in capturing from the wild, breeding in captivity, and selling locally and exporting worldwide. One of the major reasons to breed turtles is for the pet industry. Other areas such as China are well-known for their turtle farms raising turtles for gourmet food and certain species for medicinal purposes.

Challenges to Turtle Breeders

As with the African Pigmy Hedgehogs, Algerian Hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and others, turtle breeders have sought to bring wild animals into captivity and turn them into popular pets. In some cases, breeding a formerly wild animal can be a challenge in itself. Many animals require certain conditions such as a special temperature, an amount of daylight hours, special habitat, food or substrate in order to be coaxed into breeding

Turtle Breeders and Associations

Turtles vary in size and shape with over 300 species to tantalize turtle breeders all over the world. They are some of the most adaptable and versatile animals in existence with a mysterious nature that makes them interesting pets. Unfortunately, that is not the only reason for breeding turtles.

Mud Turtles Live Life in the Vast Lane

Mud Turtles may not live in the fast lane, but their “lane” truly is vast. They live in both the United States and several countries in Africa, and Asia. Anywhere there is shallow, slow moving water, with either a muddy or sandy bottom, in the earth’s temperate region, they are willing to make their home.

The Importance of a Tortoise House

A tortoise house is a fundamental need if you are setting up to bring a tortoise in your house. Animals are not so easy to keep in a house. There are some rudiments of bringing up pets.

Give Your Pet an Adequate Tortoise House

A tortoise house is very important if you are trying to keep a tortoise in your house as a pet. Tortoises are best suited to well designed outdoor locations in which they are safe with no fear of predators and situated within the proper climate. For example, if you desire to keep African tortoises you it would be best for you to live in a warm, dry climate, and be ready to share a lot of your personal space with the animal.

Mud Turtles Through the Ages

The recorded fossil findings in the US place mud turtles on the continent millions of years ago. This tends to support the notion that turtles are some of the most adaptive animals on earth. Adapting, however, usually takes time.

Your Tortoise House Needs to Be Adequate and Comfortable

A tortoise house is necessary if you plan to keep a tortoise as a pet. You must have an appropriate home for him. There are many things that should be kept in mind before you go to purchase a house for your tortoise or try to build it manually.

Proper Care for a Horsefield Tortoise

The Horsefield tortoise, commonly called the Russian tortoise, is a species which is often used as a pet. As they are relatively small in size, they are easily managed and easy to look after at home. Since it is resilient in nature, it is strongly adaptive to harsh warm and cold environments.

The Horsefield Tortoise Makes a Great Pet

The Horsefield Tortoise is a little well-liked species of the reptile family named after biologist Thomas Horsefield. They are naturally found in South Eastern Russia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is generally known as the Russian tortoise.

Yellow Belly Turtles for Pets

Keeping yellow belly turtles as pets is a walk on the wild side whether they are captive raised or wild capture. When considering any animal that is descended from wild animals or a wild capture, make sure to check the laws in your specific area for your specific species. Laws are different for a variety of reasons including controlling the spread of disease, protecting the native species that might be affected by crossbreeding from an escaped pet, or maintaining proper import/export restrictions.

Yellow Belly Turtles Versus Other Mud Turtles

There is a yellow mud turtle, the yellow belly turtle, found in the Central United States that stands out from its more drab mud turtle cousins.  They are, in general, much more pale in their overall coloring, and therefore show up better in their muddy environment than typical, darker mud turtles. Their bottom shell, the plastron, is always a pale green or yellow.

Yellow Belly Turtles for a Different Type of Pet

My favorite type of yellow belly turtle is the yellow belly slider, a subspecies of the pond sliders. They’re a bit timid, but make good pets. Baby pet yellow belly sliders can be kept in a small aquarium in the beginning.

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