Reptile Room Maintenance (An ASMR experience)

Interesting Facts You Need To Know About a Baby Bearded Dragon

Are you thinking about getting a baby bearded dragon? The Australian bearded dragons, as they are commonly known, are really popular among the pet owners. This lizard has got very fancy colours and a dragon like look.

Verify You Are Using The Correct Tortoise Habitat Corresponding To Its Species

Tortoise habitat refers to the place where the tortoise lives. As a general rule, tortoises adapt themselves to their natural environment. However, many wildlife species need a particular environment to continue to exist. These species are more susceptible to extinction and many of them are already extinct. The loss of suitable habitat is the primary reason for the rapid decline of the tortoise population. They are very sensitive to toxins and pollutants and vanish with the degradation of water quality.

What You Need To Know Before Hatching Baby Turtles

Although letting your pet turtles breed and hatch baby turtles may seem like a good idea, there are some things that you have to consider before deciding to bring baby turtles into the world. This is especially important if you want to hatch baby turtles to teach your kids about the circle of life, as it is just as important that they learn how to be responsible pet owners.

Reptile Tub Zoologist Approved – Herpetologist Dream

Taking care of reptiles can be a chore. Keeping a reptile enclosure clean and beautiful can be two polar opposites.

What to Feed a Bearded Dragon

To feed a bearded dragon right is key to having a healthy beardie. Bearded dragons are omnivorous. This is a term used to refer to animals that feed on both flesh and vegetables. Many people wonder what to feed a bearded dragon on. They just need a diet of a feeder insect, a fruit and vegetables.

Where to Get a Bearded Dragon

Originally native to Australia, bearded dragons are no longer geographically limited to the ‘country down under.’ Due to their readiness to breed in captivity, bearded dragons are now available in some parts of the country. You will not have too hard a time in getting hold of these scary-looking yet very docile reptiles.

Effective Ways of Feeding a Bearded Dragon

Feeding a bearded dragon is one of your responsibilities as a pet owner. They will eat both animal and plant matter. It is a rule that you should not feed your reptile on anything that is bigger than the space between their eyes. If you go ahead and do that they might end up having an impaction or paralysis of the hind legs. You should also make sure he gets enough to eat. How much should you let him have? The answer is as much as the dragon is willing to eat.

Corn Snake Facts

I get a lot of questions about owning a Corn snake so I decided to put together a list of Corn snake facts that you should know before you consider owning one. I believe these 5 facts will give you a better understanding of what owning a pet Corn snake is all about.

Ideas For Tortoise Housing Solutions

Once you decide to own a pet tortoise, you have to find a suitable tortoise housing solution for it. A glass aquarium is not a viable option for tortoise housing because of its small size, and tortoises don’t like to be exposed for a long time. Although tortoises are slow animals, they like to walk around and wander. Therefore, a tortoise should be spacious enough to give enough room to the tortoise. A wooden box is a good idea for making a tortoise house. A box made of wood is generally preferred if you want to keep your pet indoors. A large wooden box is made having a wide inside space. The following are the steps that may be useful for you to build a house for your tortoise.

Save Money by Breeding Crickets At Home

Crickets are one of the most common feeds used for pets and are available easily at pet stores. They can also be obtained from a number of commercial breeders. Most pet owners are concerned about their pet’s health and often find it difficult to decide the right food options.

Taking Care of Your Cricket Culture

Once you are all set to start cricket breeding, it is important to know how you should manage and take care of your culture. Buying plastic containers and a nutritious food source for the crickets is simply not sufficient. Your entire process of breeding needs to be monitored carefully so that you achieve the desired benefits.

Ideal Conditions Required For Breeding Crickets at Home

Most reptiles and amphibian pet owners like to use crickets as a common food item. Crickets really quickly grab the attention of your pets as they move around quickly. These tiny creatures which are about one inch in length live about eight weeks and are relatively easy to house and breed. You need to be familiar with a few characteristics of crickets before you start the breeding process as to have a successful culture and avoid deaths in insects.

The Demands Of Baby Turtles As Pets

Baby turtles are cute and fascinating to watch from the moment they first emerge from their eggs. Unfortunately, they have very specific needs and many enthusiastic owners sadly do not quite know how to cater for those. In the wild, the odds are stacked very high against the survival of baby turtles. Usually hatching after 60 days of incubation, they then have to make a difficult journey towards the water. Often predators such as birds, crabs and fish ambush them. It is estimated that about two out a thousand hatchlings make it alive.

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