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Most Common Incubation Tools: A Comprehensive Comparison

As a breeder, you want only the best thing for your Tokay geckos. And as much as possible, you want them to produce as many healthy hatchlings as possible. Gecko breeders employ different tools when incubating eggs, but there of them stand out. On this article, we are going to study the three most common incubation mediums and compare their advantages, disadvantages, and success rates.

Iguana Facts – What a Newbie Needs to Know

Although there is much to learn about iguanas, it’s important to start with some basic knowledge. All iguanas share some basic traits in common that a new pet owner should be aware of before bringing their new pet home. Learn more about iguana care by arming yourself with a few basic facts.

The Perfect Bearded Dragon’s Cage

When we build a home we take into consideration many different factors. So we must for our pets home, and our dragon is no exception. In order for him to be as comfortable as possible we need to make it as natural as possible.

Tortoise Housing – What Is the Most Suitable Housing for A Pet Tortoise?

Choosing the correct housing is vital for its long term health and well being. Housing a tortoise in an unsuitable environment will leave your pet suffering from ill health. The advice in this article is based on tortoises found in Southern Europe to the Mediterranean where the climate is hot and dry.

Snake Care – Snake Habitats

This will be an article with a basic overview of the different types of enclosures you can use as a snake habitat. I will provide both positives and negatives of each option.

Snake Care – Feeding Your Snake

This is an article with all of the information you need about feeding your pet snake. This provides food size, as well as different techniques for feeding your snake.

Bearded Dragon Answers and Information

The Pogona vitticeps or commonly known as the inland bearded dragon is a very common choice for new reptile owners. They adapt to a number of habitats and environments. How to care for your bearded dragon and the requirements it needs to survive in captivity…

Is A Pet Snake Right For Me?

So you are on the fence about getting a pet snake. In this article I am going to outline a few of the positive traits of snake ownership and also a few things that you should be prepared for as well.

What You Should Feed a Pet Iguana

Feeding an iguana is not as daunting as some other exotic pets, they are 100% herbivores. That said many of the health problems associated with captive iguanas can be as a result of a poor diet. An iguanas mouth is not designed for chewing, they rip or tear their food so care should be taken when considering what to feed.

How to Build a Bearded Dragon Vivarium

Creating the perfect home for your bearded dragon by following our simple guide. Most of what you require can be purchased from pet or reptile stores, but finding a suitable vivarium the correct size and style to suit your home might not be so easy. For this reason many people choose to build their own.

How Much Are Bearded Dragons?

Do you know how much bearded dragons are today? Find out about the average prices to get the best bargain. Also read about what other expenses you will encounter on your road to owning this friendly pet.

Some Information About Bearded Dragons

This is an introduction to bearded dragons. We talk about where they came from and what type of home environment that they would thrive in along with some other tips.

Reptile Vivariums – Tips to Create the Correct Environment

Many reptile keepers spend may hours trying to create the most natural environment for their pet reptiles. Studying the natural habitat of their chosen pet and recreating in the vivarium or enclosure.

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