How To Care For Your Reptile Pets

Adding a new member to the family is always a big move. We’re not talking about a human being, though we’re talking about reptile pets! These incredibly diverse animals can bring a lot of fun and character to your home.

How Buying Reptiles For Sale Can Change Your Life

Purchasing reptiles for sale marks the beginning of a journey of challenges and development for both the reptile pets and their owners. Whether it’s lizards, ball pythons, or baby tortoises, choosing from the many available reptiles for sale can reap incredible rewards.

Turtle Alert

Wildlife make the perfect pets because you do not own them, feed them, or do anything but watch them do what they do. When you move slowly and not in a threatening way, many wildlife species who come to your backyard will perceive you as another part of nature that inhabits their space. Terrapin turtles visit our backyard.

Learning How to Look After a Pet Snake

These are some basic tips to help you get started, but you need to learn as much as possible about how to properly care for your pet snake, so you should visit some snake forums and interact with other pet snake owners. Snakes do need all the usual pet care supplies of a safe and comfortable shelter, food and water.

Is a Tortoise for Sale the Right Pet for Me?

Like many new additions to your life, deciding to purchase a tortoise for sale should be a well-thought-out move. Pets in general can come with serious lifestyle changes, especially if it’s your very first pet. If you see a tortoise for sale and think about getting one as a pet, there are many things to consider before making your move.

From Novice to Expert, These Are The Two Best Reptiles For Sale

Reptiles have a lot to offer their owners and when I think about the different types of reptiles for sale (there are millions!) I can say with confidence that there are two specific types of reptiles that you just can’t go wrong with.

Ten Pet Snake Health Tips

Snakes will live long and healthy lives as long as you learn how to look after a pet snake and provide them their basic needs and avoid over-feeding them. The fundamental things to be aware of are what does a snake eat, how much and how often, and what kind of snake cage and environmental conditions does it require. And making sure that you are providing clean and hygienic living conditions suited to the needs of your pet snake to keep it healthy and happy in your care.

Interesting Facts About Reptiles You Need to Know

Seeing reptiles for sale can bring up an understandable curiosity about these animals. It’s common for first-time buyers to have questions about reptiles and to research the type they want before purchasing. To help you along with your research, here a few interesting facts about reptiles that you need to know.

What Are the Top Five Tortoises for Sale on the Market Today?

Tortoises are one of the most easily found reptiles that can inspire curiosity and fascination in reptile keepers young and old alike. Whether it’s their slow yet determined nature or their built in defense/house that they carry on their backs, tortoises find their way into our homes and hearts. We are going to take a look at the top five tortoises for sale on the market today and some of the reasons why they are there.

Some Common Myths and Misconceptions About Lizards

Many of today’s reptile keepers are very well informed consumers who have done their research online about the pet lizard they are about to acquire. There are also a number of popular shows that focus on reptiles and amphibians from around the world that help broaden the average person’s understanding of these rare and exotic animals. Unfortunately there are still a few myths and misconceptions about lizards and we hope to dispel some of the more obvious ones in this article.

Morphology of Snakes

Co-dominant: A visible mutation appears when a single gene in an allele is different than normal. Two different genes can bring a ‘super’ form of that gene which looks different than the single gene itself. Dominant: When a single allele is different than the normal allele.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Cage for Your Pet Reptiles

Reptiles are a very diverse group of animals. Getting a pet reptile such as a lizard will require you to do some extensive researching. Lizards live in various kinds of habitats. They can thrive in the driest deserts up to the most humid rain forests.

Snake Behaviour Around Humans

Understanding the way snakes behave when you approach them is very important in being able to defend yourself from them. A lot of snake bites could be avoided if the victims had more knowledge about snakes.

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