I GOT 55 NEW GECKOS FROM ACROSS THE WORLD!! (Mourning geckos everywhere!)

Pet Names 101 – Good Names For Lizards

Do you plan to have a pet lizard? Then you better come up with a good pet name for it. A pet lizard is awesome. You can have a unique pet that is easy to maintain and care for. A pet lizard does not require any special diet. All you need to do is to feed it the necessary lizard feeds that you can get from a pet store. You do not even have to have a lot of space for your pet lizard. This means you can care for your pet lizard inside your own room. If you want to maximize the experience you can get with your pet lizard, you should think up a good pet name for it.

What Makes A Good Bearded Dragon Cage?

A Bearded Dragon cage or vivarium should be made with glass sides or at least the front panel made of glass and the rest of wood. This is so you can see your Bearded Dragon but also so he can see you.

Essential Requirements For Bearded Dragons Vivariums

The important reptile enclosure component requirements. The essential equipments needed to breed and keep healthy, happy bearded dragons.

Valuable Routine Checklist for Your Bearded Dragons Care Sheet

For the proper care of your reptiles a routine schedule can be followed on a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annually and annual basis. The following is a bearded dragons care sheet, listing the essential functions to keep your dragons happy and healthy.

Importance Of A Turtle Guide Book

There are several reasons why people who have turtle as pets should have buy and own a turtle guide book. Taking care of turtle can be entertaining and exciting. In other countries in Asia, people believe that taking care of turtles can bring fortune but however others countries does not believe in such things.

Feeding Desert Lizards

Biologists use three terms to describe the feeding behavior of animals. Carnivores, or predators, feed upon other living animals; herbivores feed upon plants; and omnivores feed upon both plants and animals. Most desert lizards are carnivores or omnivores.

The Best Iguana Foods

Green iguanas are exotic animals and they are very strict herbivores like grasshoppers and rabbits. Herbivores get their energy from eating plants. They cannot eat other types of food, only plants.

Crested Gecko Care Sheet: Housing

After being a reptile enthusiast for some time I decided to put together this article to share my experiences of Crested geckos and their care with others who are interested in the hobby or who are interested in acquiring a crested gecko for themselves. I have created quite a detailed care sheet in the hope that it will inform and interest Crested Gecko keepers, and future crested gecko keepers alike.

Focusing on Iguana Care

Iguanas are one of the most wonderful pets any individual can have. The only thing that may hinder an individual from purchasing or adopting an iguana is the amount of care that…

Green Iguana Vivarium Information and Instruction

When you decide to own a green iguana as a pet, you must also provide them with good housing. A great way to house an iguana is to place it in a vivarium that almost mimics its natural habitat.

Recognizing the Perfect Iguana Picture for Choosing Your Pet

Iguanas are pretty interesting creatures. They are wild reptiles and can be tamed as pets. Green iguanas are usually found in common households as pets. What do green iguanas look like?

Looking Through the Classifieds For Iguana Pets

Are you interested in looking through the classifieds for iguana purchases? We are not talking about looking through a classified document of iguana purchases for the reasons of national security.

Hints on Where to Buy Bearded Dragons and Secrets on Selecting the Healthiest and Happiest Pet

What you must know before you decide where to buy bearded dragons. Essential information and tips on selecting a healthy and strong pet lizard.

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