How to setup a naturalistic ACKIE MONITOR tank!! The RIGHT WAY!

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet – 5 Vital Aspects of Proper Keeping

Finding a bearded dragon care sheet is fairly easy. Finding one that is up-to-date and accurate is another story. Here is my list of the 5 most vital aspects of raising and keeping a happy, healthy dragon.

Breeding High Quality Crested Geckos

Breeding Crested Geckos is simple and fun. Learn how to breed for the largest and healthiest Crested Geckos.

Alligators Are A Part Of The Florida Landscape

If you live in Florida or you are moving to Florida you should learn about Alligators. We stayed at the Gaylord Hotel in Kissimmee since last Thursday until tonight for the Florida FPEA Homeschool Convention. The Gaylord is a very stunning hotel divided up into three distinct parts of what makes Florida famous and great, showing great diversity in landscape and environment.

What Are Reptile Heaters?

It is in the nature of many people to take good care of animals. This is why many people have pets at home. People have pets for lots of reasons-some adopt animals to give them home and family while others do so because they want protection and company. For others, adopting a pet became a hobby and passion; this is most especially true for animal lovers. Some of the usual pets people have at home are cats, dogs, fishes, birds and rabbits.

Reptile Peeling

The main reason why this write-up is entitled Reptile Peeling is because snakes are not the only reptiles experiencing the moulting process. It is best that we take a closer look on this happening and know how hard it is for these reptiles to deal with it.

Getting the Best Reptile Pen

Other people like to have reptiles as their pets instead of choosing the more typical cats or dogs. If you are someone who likes having interesting animals like reptiles for your pets, getting the best pen for them should be your top priority. Even more so if you think the animal can grow to a certain measurement. Reptiles like snakes, alligators, lizards, and the like must be contained in a big reptile pen for appropriate and secure enclosure.

Gecko Incubation Methods

By far, the current most popular gecko incubation methods are simple, inexpensive techniques that you can set up on your own and use at home. These methods involve many subtle differences although many of them use some of the same basic premises. If you are thinking about breeding your geckos, here are some methods you could look into.

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Leopard Gecko Tanks

Before you even buy your first leopard gecko, you need to spend some time setting up the tank. A happy, healthy pet all begins with good leopard gecko tanks so you want be sure you pick the right one. There are a variety of choices of leopard gecko tanks out there, everything from specialty terrariums to fish tanks, there are even special ones that come with rocks built into the back.

Leopard Gecko Morphs – A Primer

There are literally hundreds of leopard gecko morphs out there with more being created every day. And why not? With the relatively easy care of leopard geckos, not to mention how easy it is to incubate their eggs, even a novice can create a good leopard gecko morph.

Green Anole Lizards: Three Tips For Choosing Your New Pet

Green anole lizards, sometimes called American chameleons, are rapidly gaining popularity as perfect small space pets. Here are three tips to help you select a healthy, vibrant green anole to bring into your home…

A Beginners Guide to Reptile and Set-Up Costs

This is a brief guide to the cost of four reptiles and their full set-ups generally considered suitable for beginners. It features a cost breakdown for Corn Snakes, Bearded Dragons, Anoles and Leopard Geckos.

Bearded Dragon Diet – The Basics

The basics of a bearded dragon diet stem from where the lizard developed. The dragon is originally from the deserts of Australia where there is not much food to speak of. Because of this, the species has evolved to really enjoy a combination of vegetables and meat. This means that your pet loves leafy greens and really enjoys the occasional insect.

Everything You Need to Know About Leopard Gecko Handling

Part of the fun of having a leopard gecko, is playing with it, not just watching it. This is known as leopard gecko handling. When you bring home your gecko for the first time, it’s very tempting to just put your hand in the tank, chase it until you catch him then grab him and pull him out.

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