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Carrot Tail Leopard Gecko

Owning an exotic animal is quite cool nowadays. It is a growing hobby all over the world. One of the most popular exotic pets is the geckos. They are easy to take care of and are not noisy pets. Geckos also come in gorgeous and wonderful colors.

All About Tortoises – How to Provide a Healthy Tortoise Enclosure

If you are interested about tortoises’ health and well-being you need to consider a few very important facts before embarking on actually buying one. Here is a guide to providing the healthiest enclosure for your pet.

Keeping a Tortoise Guide

Keeping a tortoise can be exciting and challenging. You should however be aware of a few essential things before you embark on purchasing one of these magnificent and fascinating creatures. Here is a brief guide to what to look for when you are thinking of keeping tortoises.

Handling Leopard Geckos – How A Keeper Can Make It A Delightful Experience!

First time to handle a leopard gecko? Here are a few tips about handling leopard geckos to make the experience safe and enjoyable both for you and…

The Carrot Tail Leopard Gecko

Carrot tail is considered as an extraordinary trait among geckos. Carrot tails can be found in different morphs. It is commonly found in R.A.P.T.O.Rs and Albey’s Tangerine. Other gecko morphs that possess this carrot tail trait are the Tangerine morph, Hypo morph, the albino strains of Rainwater, Tremper and Bell, Murphy Patternless and a bit in the Blizzards.

Tortoise Vivarium Guide

A glass tortoise vivarium may appear to be the best enclosure for your prized pet but is it? There are a few factors for you to consider before you decide to place your tortoise in a vivarium. Not least will it be the healthiest option and will your pet acclimatise to it sufficiently to live a long happy and healthy life?

Successful Leopard Gecko Breeding

Breeding Leopard geckos can be fun and profitable but is not for everyone. The following outlines some things to consider when gearing up to breed your leopard geckos.

How to Buy A Leopard Gecko the Right Way

With lot of information and easy access to supplies and everything that you need to care and raise up your gecko, make the probability to fail becomes very small. The only factor that may cause a failure lies in your self. You should really CARE for it, you and your family, seriously and persistently.

Albino Leopard Geckos and Other Cool Morphs

Albino leopard geckos are only one of a myriad of morphs flooding the leopard gecko hobby over the last couple of years. Get up to speed with the albino and other leopard gecko morphs.

Spur Tortoise Guide

If you are thinking of buying a spur tortoise you should first do some in-depth research into the correct habitat and care required. This is one of the most popular types of tortoise to keep and if you follow a few simple rules you will have a pet for life!

Basic Bearded Dragon Care Guide – Part 1

Bearded dragons make great pets for some, yet are fundamentally different than keeping say a dog or a cat. In order to ready yourself mentally and emotionally for your new friend, take the time to read up on all of the care and attention the latest addition to your family is going to need.

Leopard Gecko, Setting Up The Right Habitat

Caring for a leopard gecko seems to be easy and simple. But there is something important that you certainly have to attend to, that is setting up the gecko’s habitat. You probably know that geckos are desert reptiles. And it would be very logical that you should prepare a habitat that resembles the native desert of this reptile, where it can live healthy, safe and feel like a comfortable home.

Leopard Gecko Information – Get to Know Leopard Geckos

Leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) a nocturnal reptile among a number of other geckos species is probably the most popular gecko around the world. The uniqueness of this small creature, their funny look, their colorful skin patterns and the ease for caring them are the main reasons why this gecko is liked so much. Even a novice could easy get along with this wonderful reptile.

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