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A Guide to Optimizing Your Bearded Dragon Enclosure Setup

A guide to setting up the optimum bearded dragon enclosure. This article provides useful information about the recommended size of the tank, which substrates to use, heat and lighting, accessories and what items to use when feeding your bearded dragon.

Common Bearded Dragon Facts You Should Know About

Some common bearded dragon facts to help you better understand them. This information has some basic guidelines you may not know about bearded dragons.

Information About Bearded Dragons

Important information to know about bearded dragons. This article provides details about bearded dragon species, habitat, diet and nutrition, behavior and lighting. Also includes interesting facts about how bearded dragons made it out of Australia and into the international pet trade.

Essential Steps For Caring For Your Bearded Dragon

10 steps to caring for bearded dragon to help you get started. Discover some great ideas and tips to give your bearded dragon a great start.

Facts on the Albino Leopard Gecko

Albino leopard geckos are one of the more popular morphs around. They aren’t the easiest to breed but coming up with the pale colored morphs is a common quest among many breeders and enthusiasts. To help you discover more about these unique morphs, here are some facts about them.

The Essential Leopard Gecko Information

Do you need some essential leopard gecko information? We’re here to give you the info you need with some quick facts and tips to better understand and take care of your beloved living jewel.

Leopard Gecko Facts for Beginners

Want to find out more about the Leopard Gecko? This unique looking herpatile is certainly gaining a lot of fans around the country, among enthusiasts, breeders, and pet lovers alike. One look at the colourful “designer lizards” as they are sometimes called is enough to melt your heart and make you want one. To get you more familiarized with this wonderful living ornament, here are some Leopard Gecko facts for you.

More About Professional Leopard Gecko Breeders

Leopard gecko breeders are still the best way to get your very own designer lizard. Although pet stores are often more accessible and even cheaper at times, you’d be surprised what a difference buying from a professional breeder makes. Read on to learn more about buying from professionals.

Interesting Bearded Dragon Behaviors

Understanding and knowing what your bearded dragon behavior is all about. this information can help you have a happy and healthy bearded dragon. Some of their behavior is fun and very interesting.

Finding the Right Bearded Dragon Breeders

Tips and suggestion on how and where to find bearded dragon breeders. Knowing about bearded dragons is not always enough. You need to know the breeders as well. Always ask questions and know what to look for.

Three Common Misconceptions of Ball Python Care

The other day I was looking on the internet for a good Ball Python care sheet. To me, I think a good care sheet explains the best you can offer your snake, and not what will just “get them by”. Of the hundreds of care sheets I found, there were so many consistent errors that made me wonder, “Has anyone actually studied these animals?” Today we’re going to talk about the top three misconceptions that are commonly found in Ball Python care sheets.

Green Anole Lizards: The Perfect Small Space Pet

Are you considering bringing a pet into your household but have limited space or pet allergies? Consider adopting a green anole lizard (or two). They’re the ideal small space pet for all age groups from youngsters to senior citizens. Here’s why…

Turtles Vs Tortoises

Though the care of turtles and tortoises has much in common, there are significant differences that should be considered before becoming a pet owner of either species. Both members of the testudines family need an environment that allows for sunning for thermoregulation. This is crucial for each animal, but the specific requirements vary between species. Also, both turtles and tortoises will enjoy a healthy diet of vegetables. But there are specific requirements for both of these chelonians. Turtles and Tortoises can generally be divided into three major categories: aquatic turtles, semi-aquatic turtles and tortoises.

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