Who Uses Snake Repellers?

Who uses snake repellers and why? Snake repellers are a fantastic invention that can be used by practically anybody who has the dreaded problem of snakes around their home.

Decorative Cages for Reptiles and Other Exotic Animals

Designer and builder of elaborate cages with water falls and pools contained within furniture quality cabinets. These cages can be flushed and rinsed out quickly for easy maintenance.

Leopard Tortoises As Pets – Right For You?

The idea of owning a pet tortoise is appealing to many people, and a Leopard Tortoise is a very popular first choice. However lots of owners don’t realize exactly what’s involved until too late. They are not particularly difficult to care for if you’re well prepared, but you need to know what you’re doing, and this article will provide an overview of what’s required.

Boomslang (Tree Snake) (Dispholidus Typus)

The Boomslangs are the only snakes in Zimbabwe where the male and females are different colours. The males are a striking green and sometimes the scales are edged in black.

Taking Care of Your Pet Mata Mata Turtle

There is not much resource on how to take care of your pet turtles. Here is the first one in a series of articles dedicated to turtle care. The Mata Mata turtle, or the Chelus fimbriata is quite popular among turtle lovers and breeders. They are fairly easy to breed and a hardy species. Here is all you need to know on how to set up an aquarium/ cage for them and what to feed them.

Saved From the Coils of Danger

Seldom is the case of treating a poisonous reptile that intrudes and endangers human life in a health care facility. Good decision making has proven as a tool for success in preserving life. Here is a true story I experienced during my tour of duty in the Emergency Room some years ago.

How Do Turtles Breathe?

This article is summarizing how a turtle breathes because of their odd shapes and general appearance. It also explains how turtles use their body’s limbs to circulate oxygen through their body. Since it is quite amazing I thought it would be an interesting subject to write about.

How Do Turtle Eggs Breath?

A brief description about how turtle eggs breath when buried deep within the sands. How do turtle eggs survive when buried and why are they buried in this manor in the first place?

How To Tell If Your Pet Reptile Likes You

When my pet wants attention he will stick his head out of his enclosure indicating that he wants to come out for a run around. He has now decided that he wants to eat his mashed veggies from a plastic spoon once a week. This unusual habit occurred after he underwent a belly operation two years ago to remove a fatty tumour.

Announcing the Benefits of Snake and Reptile Courses

There is a negative stigma around snakes that often leads to the fear of them. Learning how to handle a snake correctly could cure you of that fear.

Should Reptiles Be Kept As Pets?

With the growing number of reptiles now sold in pet stores is it a good idea to keep them as a pet, and do they make good companion animals? Indeed they make good pets up to a point, and for them to be a truly great companion animal depends on how much time your prepared to dedicate to them on a daily basis. Do you have the time and patience? Reptiles require a huge part of your dedication as a responsible pet carer to be sure they are well balanced and happy, not just for the moment but for life. Having a pet is a lifelong commitment, and should never be a “spur of the moment” decision.

Painted Turtles As Pets

The painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) is not your average aquatic turtle. This species (including its various subspecies) has the largest range of any north American turtle, and can found in suitable habitats from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast of North America. It is also colorful, outgoing, moderately-sized, and very undemanding.

Bearded Dragon Diet Explained

This bearded dragon diet has everything you need to know in raising a healthy bearded dragon. Insects and Vegetation will be the majority of the diet.

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