Leopard Gecko Lighting

There are two schools of thought as to whether Leopard gecko lighting is needed; one says no, because these creatures are nocturnal anyway so why bother to give them light. The other says, yes, Leopard gecko lighting is necessary so that they still have something to differentiate between night and day.

5 Essential Iguana Care Tips

Iguanas are magnificent reptiles and owning them means knowing them. Knowing about them will make caring for them so much easier. I highly recommend doing your own research as unfortunately some pet stores will tell you what you want to hear in order to make “the sale”.

Leopard Gecko Mouth Rot

Ulcerative stomatitis, otherwise known as Leopard gecko mouth rot is an inflammation of the mouth and gums usually caused by a bacterial infection or a parasitic infestation. Leopard gecko mouth rot is a very serious condition which can ultimately cause the creature to be unable to feed or lead to cancer or severe jaw deformity.

Commonly Asked Questions About Vivariums

This article is designed to look at some of the common questions asked about vivariums and wooden vivariums. What are the important characteristics to look for when buying a vivarium?

A Leopard Gecko Stopped Eating – What Shall I Do?

“My Leopard gecko stopped eating, what shall I do?” is a really common question found in any online forum about reptiles and that’s because it’s quite a common occurrence in these creatures, if you’re not very careful. If your Leopard gecko won’t eat, an impaction (like constipation in humans). You can check this by gently feeling your gecko’s abdomen which will feel lumpy if there is an impaction and you may even be able to see the lumps.

Common Iguana Illnesses

An iguana takes a long time to get sick and a long time to get well. In the wild sick and weak animals have to hide their illness or injury.

Why Is My Leopard Gecko Not Pooping? Causes and Cures

“Why is my Leopard gecko not pooping?” is a very common question asked by leopard gecko owners and there can be a number of reasons for this problem as well as a number of solutions. Here are some possible answers, but don’t forget to consult a veterinarian if the condition lasts for more than a few days.

Basic Care Suggestions For Keeping Turtles

Nowadays, turtles are among the most favored pets by people who aren’t interested in the amount of work related to keeping dogs or cats. These critters are comparatively easy to take care of, not to mention that they are low maintenance. If you’re pondering of keeping turtles as pets, there are some considerations that you should take into account in order to ensure the health of these creatures and for you to get pleasure from their company for a long time.

The Breeding of Galapagos Tortoise

Galapagos Tortoises can live as long as 150 years, but they reach maturity at an early time-usually 20 to 25 years for those breeding in zoos, 40 years for those living in the wild. When they reach maturity, they begin to think about courting a mate.

Difference Between African Dwarf Frogs and African Clawed Frogs

A quick comparison of African Dwarf Frogs and African Clawed Frogs. The article dwells deeper into the subject to help the reader distinguish between the two.

3 Tips When Preparing For A Leopard Gecko Incubation

So you are enjoying your pet’s company and you want more of it. Now you want to prepare for a leopard gecko egg incubation system. But before doing so, consider these 3 quick tips when building your incubation container.

Facts About Iguanas You Must Know

One of the animals that are fast becoming popular as pets as seen by different types of pet owners in different locations around the world is iguana. Although a native of Central and South America, the animals are now common in different parts of the world where they are being kept as pets.

Desert Iguana Information for Its Keeper

There are different types of animals that people love to keep as pet. The more common ones are dogs, cats to mention but a few. More people are getting their kicks out of keeping an iguana as a pet.

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