Best Substrate For Bearded Dragon Lizards

When choosing a substrate for bearded dragons there are several important factors to consider. The substrate should be one that will not cause the bearded dragon to become subject to impaction, which commonly occurs in young bearded dragons when sand is used as the substrate. The age of the bearded dragon must also be considered when choosing a substrate; different ages of bearded dragons are capable of living with different types of substrates.

Common Behavior Exhibited by Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons communicate through body language, using special movements to relay a message to other dragons or predators. There are a few common movements that they make, as well as some other common activities that the reptile will do to display certain characteristics. Common behavior of bearded lizards is the same in the wild and in captivity, and the behaviors should be learned in order to properly care for a bearded dragon.

What to Feed Your Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon is a wonderful pet and easy to care for if you learn about his special needs. Knowing what to feed your bearded dragon is critical to his health and wellbeing.

Positive Aspects Of Having a Reptile As A Pet

Most people these days love having pets and among the best choices are cats, dogs, birds and even fishes. Reptiles are also considered to be excellent choices as pets and in case you want to know more about having a pet reptile, below are the positive aspects that it offers: Having reptiles would not require the owner to give their pet’s intensive care like what most people do with their other pets specifically those that are mammals. Most of these reptiles do not need to be fed on a daily basis and do not also need to…

Learn About Iguana Habitats

If you wish to get pet iguanas, you should construct iguana habitats first. Keep in mind that these animals tend to grow quickly, so using a small cage will not do. In fact, an iguana can quickly outgrow a fifty-five-gallon tank during its first year; and in two years or so, it will reach its adult size. So, you need to get a tank or terrarium that can accommodate a six-foot or seven-foot reptile. If you insist on using a small cage, the iguana might try to break out. As a result, it can break its nose and claws.

Breeding Bearded Dragons

In order to breed to bearded dragons there are several guidelines to be followed, and preparations to be considered for the bearded dragon baby. This includes finding a male and female bearded dragon, providing a nesting vivarium and proper living conditions for the fragile offspring.

Facts About The Rhinoceros Iguana

The rhinoceros iguana, scientifically known as the cyclura cornuta, is a large lizard with a flat vertical tail and strong legs. It is covered with pointed horned scales from its nape until its tail. It is usually dark brown, grayish brown, dark gray, or black in color; but it can also be olive-green with barely visible cross bands. It can grow up to four feet in length and weigh up to nine kilograms.

How to Feed a Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons of any age may eat a variety of insects, though the most commonly used insect is crickets. The crickets should be no longer than the distance between the bearded dragon’s eyes, as feeding them too large of insects may cause undesirable health effects to occur in the bearded dragon.

Looking After a Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragons naturally live in areas of Australia that provide high temperatures, as well as land formations that are suitable for perching or shading. When building a vivarium for a bearded dragon it should be identical to the natural living conditions in order for the bearded dragon to survive and live a healthy life.

How to Properly Care For a Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon species of reptiles are native to Australia, and are found in the central and inland locations of Australia. Bearded dragons that are sold in pet stores are generally bred in captivity, in contrast to being captured in the wild as they are only found in Australia. Understanding the natural habitat for the dragons is important in providing the proper care for them, and the housing structure for the dragons should recreate the dragon’s natural habitat.

Crested Gecko Care

Crested geckos are quickly becoming one of the most popular lizards. Please buy your crested gecko from a local breeder.

How To Create A Bearded Dragon Vivarium

To create the perfect habitat for the health and happiness of your bearded dragon, there are important elements to consider from the type of enclosure to the selection of substrate and plants. The bearded dragon vivarium should include a range of essential elements for a suitable environment. All the components necessary to create the perfect home for your pet is essential for its well-being.

How to Breed Ball Pythons

If you’re thinking about breeding ball pythons you’ll find these tips, tricks and guidelines to be invaluable. I’ll cover some must need information in the quest for maximum production.

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