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Supplying Light for Bearded Dragon Cages

Providing sufficient light for bearded dragon enclosures is critical in regards to sustaining optimal health within your pet. Most owners provide some sort of light to their lizard, but a lot of them are just trying to “get the cage hot.” Many don’t know what the correct temperatures should be, the best way to check them, or the their importance.

Decorating Your Bearded Dragon’s Cage

Transforming your bearded dragons cage into a happy habitat is a pretty straight forward process. It doesn’t take an architectural genius to add some substrate, place the remaining pieces into the enclosure, and plug in a couple lights. But there are a few tips to keep in mind.

The Joys of Keeping Bearded Dragons

If you are thinking of keeping a bearded dragon as a pet, here are some key reasons why you will be making a good choice. You won’t regret choosing one of the lovable lizards as the newest addition to your family.

Examining the Cost of Bearded Dragons

The overall cost of bearded dragons doesn’t stop at the price tag of the lizard. Most first-time owners fail to realize the amount of cash that is needed to set up a proper enclosure and feed the pogona’s enormous appetite.Here we will examine all the costs involved with the upkeep of these pets.

Types of Bearded Dragons: A Look at Pogona Species Found Within the Pet Trade

There are several types of bearded dragon species found in the wild. In this article we take a look at the more common species found within today’s pet trade such as the pogona vitticeps.

Dragon Health: Common Bearded Dragon Diseases Explained

Bearded dragon health is a number one priority of an owner. This may sound fairly obvious, but there are many first-time, and uninformed owners out there.

Breeding Bearded Dragons: What All Potential Beardie Breeders Should Know

Breeding bearded dragons is a big commitment and there are many things to consider before attempting to become a beardie breeder. Here are some things you’ll want to consider beforehand.

The Western Bearded Anole (Anolis Barbatus)

If you are into the more exotic reptiles, you will enjoy the Western Bearded Anole. They are fun but it is not a reptile you want handle.

The Blue Tree Monitor – Varanus Macrae

An interesting reptile is Varanus Macraei or Blue Tree Monitor. From the same family as the Tree Monitor reptiles, the Blue is a brilliant black with scattered blue scales, forming spots that may in turn form bands across the back.

Feeding Bearded Dragons: Essential Guide to Providing Your Beardie a Healthy Diet

Feeding bearded dragons is a fairly easy process once you have acquired the proper information. And within this article is where you can find it.

Buying a Bearded Dragon – 5 Steps to Choosing a Healthy Beardie

Five tips every potential Bearded Dragon owner needs to know. Don’t go wasting money buying a sick lizard. These tips will ensure you choose a dragon that will be around to enjoy for years.

7 Essential Items All Bearded Dragon Cages Should Include

All bearded dragon cages need accessories to make them into a suitable home. But what specifically is needed? Here is a list of 7 must-have items for your habitat.

Bearded Dragon: Lighting and Heating Requirements Explained

A look at bearded dragon lighting requirements, UV bulbs. Tips on achieving the proper climate within your habitat.

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