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What Should You Be Feeding Your Leopard Gecko?

Leopard Geckos are generally easy to care for and if you follow the tips I’ve outlined in this article. Understanding how much to feed your pet and what specifically to feed it, will ensure that you have a healthy, happy pet for many years to come.

The Practical Leopard Gecko Care Sheet For Newbies

Introductory guide to keeping and caring for leopard geckos. Get the lowdown on proper caging, food, environment, and substrate.

What Leopard Geckos Like to Eat For Their Meals

What to feed a leopard gecko is one among the crucial considerations as a pet owner. You have to be heedful of its specific nutritional requirements. Its diet merely consists of insects that can either be obtained from the wild or from pet store. If you decide to own a pet like leopard gecko, you have to ensure that you have a good supply of insects which you will be feeding your pet every day. It is the only way of keeping your pet happy and healthy. This way, you can surely have your leopard gecko achieve its maximum life longevity.

Caring For Your New Vieled Chameleon

Veiled chameleons, Chamaeleo calyptorarus, are considered to be one of the popular types of chameleon. They have the special ability to look in any direction without even moving their heads or changed their body position. Believe it or not, their eyes can swivel for almost 180 degrees.

What You Need to Know About Leopard Gecko Breeders

Finding a Leopard Gecko Breeder is the first step to ensuring that you have a happy healthy pet. Breeders will provide a much better selection that most pet stores and generally, the quality and general health of your new pet will be superior to that of a pet store lizard. Follow the helpful hints outlined in this article to make sure you get started right when purchasing your new precious lizard gecko pet.

Bearded Dragons – Inexpensive Exotics For First Time Owners

Some people do not want an animal living in their home that eats furniture, tries to tackle them and potentially marks its territory. Not all of these people are good matches for bearded dragons, however, and here are a couple of reasons why.

Desert Leopard Gecko

The Desert Leopard Gecko, one of our favorite reptile pets, originally came to us from the desert areas of India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. They thrive in the arid desert grasslands among rocks and crevasses, eating whatever insect happens by and licking limestone and other rocks for dew and calcium. They are nocturnal, hiding during the day from the hot sun and predatory birds and animals.

Turtle Care – How to Care For Your Turtle

If you are considering getting a turtle to keep as a pet, there are a few items you must be willing to acquire and a number of things everyone interested in turtles should know. Knowledge of the basics of turtle care is a must. When looking for a tank to use for a turtle habitat it needs to be at least 40 gallons.

Which Lizards Make Good Pets?

Let’s face it, reptiles aren’t everyone’s idea of a good pet. Some people may think of them as cold, unemotional and even bit repulsive. But spend a little time with any reptile and you will soon begin to appreciate their intriguing ways and demeanour.

3 Things to Avoid When Raising a Pet Green Iguana – Are You Making These Dangerous Mistakes?

There are some things you should never do when taking care of your green iguana. If you’re making these mistakes, you might be killing your beloved pet!

What is the Best Tortoise Book?

Are you looking for the best and most authoritative book on tortoise care available? If so this article will help you to identify what sort of information and instruction you should be looking for.

Learn Why Snakes Make Good Pets

There are many people who are terrified by the sight of snakes and would never think about having them as pets. However not all snakes are poisonous and wild and some of them can be exciting as pets. However before getting a snake as a pet, you should understand that the animal is not like common pets such as cats or dogs that can take care of themselves. Snakes need more attention. If you are not very committed then you shouldn’t think about getting a snake as a pet.

The Green Iguana As a Pet – The Pros & Cons

Lizards are becoming very popular exotic pets, with the most common of these lizards being the iguana. There are many different types of iguanas, with the Green Iguana being the most popular. One thing that attracts buyers of Green Iguanas, is that pet stores sell them quite cheaply. However, they might not be as easy to care for as you might think.

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