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Leopard Gecko Problems – How to Recognise Them

Generally these reptiles are healthy creatures but Leopard gecko problems can occur and when they do, you need to know how to recognise them and what to do. Leopard gecko problems often result in the animal not eating so be vigilant and be sure to make further checks if your pet starts refusing food.

No Braking for Bearded Dragon Shedding

Being wildly flung about within the creaky bowels of a decrepit off-roader was not how you envisioned your trip to see a Bearded Dragon shedding its skin. You assumed you’d smoothly cruise, ensconced in air conditioned bliss, mimosa in hand while soaking your ears in Celine Dione glory ballads.

Breeding Leopard Geckos – Some Basic Questions Answered

Breeding Leopard geckos is perfectly possible in captivity but you need to know your subject and great care should be taken. Some basic questions occur time and again so the following answers should be of help when you’re breeding Leopard geckos.

Milk Snake As Pet – Is It a Good Choice?

Have you ever considered purchasing a snake as a pet? If you have, there is one important thing to do, which is choosing a specific species. In pet-shops there is great variety of snakes available, all requiring different type of care and attention. If you have no experience in having a snake, and you still want one, there are a few species, suitable for you.

Is A Reptile or Snake the Right Pet for Your Child?

Reptiles and snakes are exotic, interesting, and a different kind of pet. Reptiles or snakes may make the perfect pet for your child after you consider some of the facts before deciding to bring one home.

Tips on Leopard Gecko Mouth Rot

Whether you’re new or old to keeping the popular living ornamental lizards, leopard gecko mouth rot is a real threat to your pet. The infection is not only a great discomfort to the animal, it can also cause complications, further health problems, as well as death! Keep your ornamental pet safe from this disease with these tips.

Solutions to Leopard Gecko Shedding Problems

Are you looking for some solutions to leopard gecko shedding problems? This is a real problem for these lizards and you might find that they are not as easy to solve. Improper shedding can cause further problems like infections or even the loss of limbs! Don’t worry because here are some solutions that can help you out.

Leopard Gecko Info For Beginners

This adorable little lizard or sometimes referred to as Leos are known to be nocturnal, or are most active during the night.  They are not natives of the United States Continent but from the middle east particularly from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan but has become a favorite pet to both the older folks and kids alike.  Probably because of its unique ability to morph and change its skin color sometime during its lifetime.

The Lizard

How do we value animals? Myth: “If a person is kind to animals, he/she is kind to people.” “If a person hurts animals, he/she is a bad guy. Thought: Maybe…

Revealing the Secrets of Salamander Breeding

Breeding salamanders involve several considerations necessary to mimic the natural process of mating in the wild. Thus, learning how salamanders breed in the wild is very important if you want to reproduce your salamanders at home. Read this article to learn more about salamander breeding.

How to Take Care of a Turtle

If you have decided on a turtle for a pet, you will need information on how to take care of a turtle. Owning a turtle can be a rewarding experience. Here are some general care tips about turtles that will deal with all breeds to ensure that your turtle will live to its full life expectancy.

Bearded Dragon Sickness: How Do You Know That Your Pet Is Sick?

Bearded dragons will most likely attempt to disguise any signs and symptoms they’ve got when they are unwell – this might be for their inclination to not go very far if they are sick within the outrageous. It’s your responsibility to discover what is typical for your beardie and when it begins acting in different ways then the first thing to do would be to own it noticed by a veterinarian.

Acquiring Iguanas – What You Need to Know

Iguanas are not easy pets to maintain. As they need proper care and maintenance just like any other pets, therefore, before keeping them at pets, you must seriously consider some points. Information about Iguanas is available in abundance, but there are some specific points, that everyone, who keeps iguanas as pets, should keep in mind, so that he can take proper care of these lovely pets.

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