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Misunderstood Mud Turtles

In southern society mud turtles can be used to describe people who are plain, ordinary, drab, or unattractive. This is pretty much the description of mud turtles for the most part. They are semi aquatic and prefer fresh to brackish (water with a lower salt content than sea water) water of a median temperature. Since they are cold-blooded, they use water, sun, and burrowing to regulate their temperature. When they are not in the water, they spend their time in the soft mud foraging for food, hence their name. They can dive up to three meters if necessary. They can spend up to twenty minutes under water without having to resurface. They mate in the water, but lay their eggs on land.

Turtle Facts And Other Information Related To Turtle Breeding

If a person wants an interesting subject, they should take a look at turtle facts. Of the animal world, one would think that the breeding between turtles would be nearly impossible, but they figured it out millions of years ago and have been going strong ever since. They do not need a lot of special temperatures, soils, substrates or pampering.

How to Breed Bearded Dragons in Captivity

A description of all the essentials and conditions that is required to prepare the bearded dragons to breed. The information and the steps to follow in how to breed bearded dragons.

Turtle Facts Can Be Stranger Than Fiction

There are many turtle facts and turtle myths that have been handed down for many years sometimes quite incorrectly. Small fractures in the bone of the shell or the keratin (bony protein tissue of the shell, beak and claws) can be regrown and/or repaired by the turtle. Their bony armor is not unbreakable as many believe and large break in their shell often causes permanent disability or death.

Little Known Turtle Facts

One of the little known turtle facts is that they make noise often especially when mating. They are very adaptable creatures and have been on earth for millions of years and are on every continent except Antarctica. Turtles have very keen sense of smell, sight (including full color), and hearing/touch that allows them to even feel vibrations in the earth.

How to Cope With Bearded Dragon Disease

An overview of the various diseases that can affect your bearded dragon’s health. Their early detection, diagnosis and treatment method is also described.

Handling and Care of a Bearded Dragon

A bearded dragon’s pleasant and enjoyable personality is one of the main reasons why most people prefer them as pets out of all lizards. The most common of the dragons that is kept as pets is the Central or Inland Bearded Dragon.

Bearded Dragon Cage Types and Requirements

Before you bring home a bearded dragon you must have your enclosure set up and ready. Your new pet will have a warm and comfortable home all ready instead of waiting in a package or box while you are installing a cage.

Before You Buy Bearded Dragons: Finding A Healthy Dragon To Purchase

Before you attempt to buy bearded dragons, you want to check out these guidelines that will help you make an educated purchase. Don’t go wasting your money on an ill beardie that may die in a few days or weeks.

Fourteen Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Buy a Bearded Dragon

A checklist of items you will need before you buy a bearded dragon. The factors you must be aware of to raise healthy and happy beardies.

Key Factors You Should Know About Your Bearded Dragon’s Diet

Wild bearded dragons eat a large range of foods generally, including considerable quantity of vegetation. They are true omnivores, eagerly consuming all manner of insects, other invertebrates, small vertebrates, leaves, flowers and fruits. A bearded dragon keeper must provide with the varied and well-balanced diet for their dragons. A bearded dragons diet is composed mainly of two parts:

How to Care for Bearded Dragon Lizards

It is pretty easy to care for bearded dragon lizards once you have obtained the basic info. Here are a few tips that will make you care routine even easier.

Bearded Dragons Information

An overview about the bearded dragon, the different breeds that are available as pets and their common names. Describes their eating habits, body texture, size, life span, natural habitat and the effect of heat on their behavior.

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