Best Beginner TERRARIUM lights?? (Exo Terra Tropical Plant Growth LED REVIEW)

Toys That Are Safe and Ideal for Your Bearded Dragons

Since bearded dragons are social creatures, they too, need to sustain their life and that is to live a happy one. For them to be happy, they must be entertained and one way to achieve this is by giving them toys. Don’t let your bearded dragon sleep all day, let your pet work its muscles by engaging it to exercise.

What to Feed a Leopard Gecko

This article will help you better understand the what to feed your leopard gecko and the best way to have a healthy and happy leopard gecko for years to come. By understanding how and what to feed your gecko will keep you both happy.

Bearded Dragon Food Guidelines To Follow

Basic guidelines you can follow when feeding your bearded dragon from what to feed to when to feed them. Feeding bearded dragons is a very important part of them living happy and healthy lives.

Crested Gecko Health: Keeping Your Crested Gecko Fit and Healthy

Crested geckos are some of the easiest reptiles to keep as pets, providing that a few very simple rules are followed. The following article takes a look at the most common health problems affecting captive crested geckos and how to help prevent them.

Your Snake Vivarium: Some Aspects You Need To Know

In this article I talk about some things to consider when setting up your snake vivarium. The type of vivarium, products to fill the bottom of the vivarium and the plants that I find ideal to use in it.

How to Set Up Your Bearded Dragon Vivarium

Ever wanted to set up a bearded dragon vivarium? this article will give you all the infomation neccasery to to build your own vivarium. I will guide you through choosing a vivarium, heating, lighting and substrate

Is Your Gecko Vitamin A Deficient?

Many gecko owners know how important calcium is for their pets. But there’s another nutrient that geckos and other insectivores need to maintain a healthy physique. It’s no other than vitamin A.

Where Are the Significant Number of Iguanas Coming From?

More than ten years ago, the demand for pet iguanas in the United States boomed so much that over a million iguanas were imported into the country. Most of the pet lizards that were being sold in pet stores during this time came from Central America and South America; we’re talking about really faraway countries, like Ecuador and Peru.

6 Health Issues of Tokay Geckos That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Tokays are generally easy to maintain. However, sometimes your Tokays will suffer from health issues. Whether they had these health issues before you bought them (especially if they were caught in the wild) or may have risen because of stress or because of a poor husbandry, it is best that you know these different health problems that your gecko may suffer from to be able to address them appropriately.

Iguana Care Information

Learn the importance of knowing what your doing before you purchase a new pet iguana. Proper care is the key to giving your iguana a long, healthy life.

Iguana Care

Purchasing a new iguana is a very exciting thing. The first thing you need to do is learn how to provide the proper care your new iguana needs. You will want to start by learning a few simple guidelines to adhere to.

African Rock Python

The African rock python, also known as Python sebae are large sized venomous snake native to sub-Saharan Africa. This African rock python is one of the seven species belonging to the genus Python. There are two sub-species of this venomous snake is found – one in western and central Africa and another one is found in Southern Africa. Species found in southern Africa is smaller compared to that found in Northern parts.

All You Need to Know About What Do Bearded Dragons Eat?

People just adore the majestic appearance of this animal species and they are excellent domestic pets simply because bearded dragons (beardies) are calm and intelligent creatures. They can live up to 15 years when they are carefully looked after. Before you buy your first dragon make sure you understand what makes up a healthy diet, so you can enjoy the company of a healthy beardie for years to come.

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