Ball Pythons Vs Burmese Pythons | Are Bigger Snakes Actually Better Pets?

Albino Leopard Gecko – Is The Care Any Different From Other Geckos?

Taking care of an Albino Leopard gecko is the same with the other geckos. Leopards are easy to care, they are extremely docile, and lovable pets. They also come in arrays of colors making them very stunning to look at.

How to Prevent Leopard Gecko Mouth Rot

Leopard Gecko mouth rot or Stomatitis is an inflammation of the mouth caused by infections from bacteria, virus, fungi or parasites. In extreme cases it can also be a cause of cancer, foreign body or jaw fractures.

Leopard Tail Gecko – What To Do When the Tail Falls Off?

Collecting Leopard gecko is such a rewarding feeling. Geckos are magnificent and lovable creatures with amazing colors, but there is something strange about this pet that makes some freak out – a condition called Leopard gecko tail loss.

Leopard Gecko Light – Is It Necessary To Use UV Lights?

Leopards are nocturnal and they do not need or require a special leopard gecko light. But before I will talk more about the light requirements let me show you a brief explanation about these reptiles.

The New Caledonian Giant – The Big Leopard Gecko So Far

The New Caledonian Giant is known today as the big leopard gecko. They are considered to be the biggest so far in the leopard gecko variety which measures about 14.5 inches in length.

Leopard Gecko Shedding Problem – Humidity Is the Answer!

Leopard gecko shedding problems may not be a problem when properly approached. All geckos normally undergo shed skin but problems do occur for certain reasons and one of that is the lack of humidity.

What Are the Three Strains of Albino Leopard Gecko?

One of the varieties of the leopard gecko ancestry is the Albino leopard gecko. Every kind of these species has its own genetics producing different behaviors.

Leopard Gecko Sand – Is Calcium Sand Appropriate for Your Pet?

Leopard gecko sand substrate is up to now still in dispute among lizard keepers. Some are opposed to using sand as their substrate for geckos while others claimed that nothing could beat the benefits of calcium-sand. As a novice in this hobby it is hard to discern which of them is correct.

The 5 Best Pet Snakes for the Beginning Collector

If you are thinking of getting a snake as a pet you need to have info on which would be the best one especially if you’re a beginner. Here is where you can get enough facts on these 5 species of snakes to be able to learn which one can be the best pet snake for you.

Desert Leopard Gecko – Great Ideas on How to Set Up a Habitat

Leopards are great pets! They are docile, quiet and calm. The first thing to do before bringing your pet home is to be ready with its new home.

Harvester Ants for Your Horny Toad

Harvester ants are a necessary food for most Horned Lizards. They can be bought from online sources, or you can catch your own. I’ve known Desert Horned lizard keepers to catch their own but most (me included) prefer to buy them.

Characteristics Of Reptiles And Amphibians

There are two animal classifications that we should all learn to preserve and take care of. Amphibians and reptiles are slowly growing out of number and if we do not do not care for them and be concerned for them, they will die and become extinct. It is the responsibility of every individual to take part towards the care of these animals.

Basic Bearded Dragon Care Part 2

Understanding the care involved with a bearded dragon is of the utmost importance, and should be done prior to going out and purchasing an exotic pet on a whim. This is Part 2 of a two part article that describes exactly what to expect in the care of a new bearded dragon.

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