Recognizing Quality Turtle Breeders

Many new turtle enthusiasts prefer to find quality turtle breeders as their first source of information, as well as a source for their first pet turtle. There are a few aspects of turtle keeping that any new owner should be able to recognize when screening for breeders. The first of these aspects is diet, which is especially important for turtles since their dietary requirements are so diverse. Turtles generally are not capable of getting their daily nutrition from a staple diet with no additional supplementation. In addition to a balanced pellet or gel diet, turtles should have a vitamin and mineral supplement in the form of a powder, which can be sprinkled on top of their food daily. Additionally, they should eat fresh vegetables daily. An ideal turtle breeder will be able to describe a healthy daily routine for feeding their turtles.

Avoiding the Feeder Fish Trap: What Do Turtles Eat?

Keeping a turtle that thrives necessitates understanding all aspects of what do turtles eat, but unfortunately, most owners have a poor understanding of nutritional requirements and what they mean. One such problem is the prevalence of live food as a primary food source, which can be hazardous to the health of the turtle long-term. Most turtles enjoy the task of chasing their food, but the mental stimulation is not worth the health risks, since they can eventually cost the turtle its life through infection by parasites or other issues.

Reptile Food: Make Your Choices Wisely

You should choose reptile food carefully to ensure long and healthy life for your pet. There are different species of reptiles. Each one has different living habits and eating habits.

Tips for New Leopard Gecko Owners

Leopard geckos are kid size and kid friendly and with proper guidance you can learn to be an expert reptile owner starting with these great little pets. Kids love them, and hey why wouldn’t they? If you are looking for an economical pet, a leopard gecko definitely fits the bill when it comes to cost, and upkeep.

Crested Gecko Care Made Easy

This article provides an overview of what you need to consider when thinking about keeping crested geckos as pets. As these are non-domesticated exotic animals you need to make sure that their cages emulate their native climate, provide hiding spaces and are large enough. Once the basic requirements are met breeding crested geckos is relatively easy and will add to the joy you will get from these charming little creatures.

4 Common Health Issues of Tokay Geckos and How to Deal With Them

As the pet owner, you need to make sure that your gecko is healthy all the time. It’s not enough that you give them food and keep their tanks well. There are many other factors that affect the physical condition of geckos.

Positive Aspects of Having a Reptile As a Pet

Reptiles are exotic and beautiful animals, some people think having reptiles as pet can be cool or weird, yes, unlike dogs, reptiles have less fans. There are several positive aspects of a having a reptile as a pet, if this is what you’ve been looking for, then you have come to the right place.

5 Things to Expect From Your First Tokay Gecko

Tokay geckos are such amazing creatures. Their natural appeal and charisma is the reason why more and more people are becoming interested in making this particular type of reptile as pet. They may not have colors that are as glowing and beautiful as leopard geckos but there’s something about them that really make them extremely special.

4 Of the Most Interesting Snakes of Australia

Australia is a great place for reptile lovers. It has a high population of snakes, and though many are not deadly to humans, a good number are. Oddly enough, though, very few snake related deaths are reported each year there. Here are some of the most interesting characteristics of these amazing creatures.

How to Set Up a Dart Frog Vivarium

Some frogs are more arboreal while others are more terrestrial. So, you need to design your enclosure with the species in mind. You can build your tank in an upright vertical position or horizontal position…

Lizards – Facts About Iguanas

Are you planning to have a pet iguana? Then you better prepare yourself first to learn all the things that you need to learn about being a responsible pet iguana owner. This way, you will be taking care of your pet iguana properly. You have to understand that iguanas are special lizards that need special care. If you don’t care for it properly, it can die. Here are some facts about iguanas that you really need to know.

How to Care For a Pet Turtle

Before you decide to purchase a pet turtle, it’s important to become educated about what it actually takes to be able to provide proper care. This guide will take you through all the bare essentials needed to raise a happy and healthy turtle or tortoise.

Reptile Supplies: Be Ready for Fun and Excitement

Reptile supplies make sure that there is continuous supply of food and other necessary equipments available for the well-being of your pets. We all love pets. They make a part of our lives and family as well.

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