Basic Tips For Bearded Dragon Lighting

Understanding the use of bearded dragon lighting. Discover the importance of why you need to have proper lighting and how to set it up so your bearded dragon will live longer.

How to Feed Your Albino Iguana

Iguanas are sensitive creatures; most of them rely on their environment for survival. Having an Albino Iguana as your pet gives you the obligation to properly care for it and make sure that it survives under your captivity.

What Is The Cost of a Bearded Dragon?

Important tips on buying a bearded dragon, things you should know. Find out some helpful insights on how to pick out and purchase your bearded dragon.

Facts On Turtles

Turtles are pretty unrealized. Though everyone knows about there shells what about there other quirks? Well that’s what this article talks about plus it talks a bit about how the shells are structured.

Facts About Pet Tortoises

Facts about the different types of pet tortoises. It includes food, care, habitat, and other guides that you should know to care for a pet tortoise.

Soft Shell Turtles As Pets

Have you ever wondered what soft shell turtles are? This article will briefly describe these turtle species and how they make for as great pets.

The Yellow Belly Turtle: How To Care For It And Other Pet Aquatic Turtles

After unnecessary worrying and finally getting our pet turtles settled in, we realized that caring for the Yellow Belly turtle isn’t as tough as anticipated. With that said, allow me to provide some tips on how to care for first time owners.

Basic Care Sheet For Bearded Dragons

This is simply a basic listing of the most important needs for a Bearded Dragon. Temperature: Basking spot temp… These temps allow proper digestion, ability to hunt & eat well, while also giving the availability of a ‘cool area’ they can retreat to, to self-regulate their body temps.

What You Should Know About Aquatic Turtles

The main species of aquatic turtle is the red eared slider. It can live to be 50 years old if well cared for.

Top Tips for Your Bearded Dragon Enclosure

Having the bearded dragon enclosure will ensure your beardie is healthy and happy. Not many understand or know how to set up the tank properly. We discuss substrates, heating and lighting and more.

Reptile Shedding

The reason why this article is called Reptile shedding is because snakes aren’t the only reptiles out there that perform the moulting process. Read on lets talk about moulting and all the hardships that snakes and other animals have to deal with.

How to Help Pet Stores Sell Healthier Animals

I know you feel bad when you see neglected animals at pet stores, but don’t buy the animals. There are better ways to help these animals and any future pets the store may offer.

Discover The Amazing Facts of Bearded Dragons

Get the facts on bearded dragons from housing them, to feeding them. Discover some of the best facts on these lizards. These facts can help you learn more about bearded dragons.

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